check dates, get prices, book & payYou can check availability and prices and book your holiday using our online booking and payment facility (opens in new window/tab). You may also do so by phone or email, if you prefer.

UK: 01878 700828 / Int: +44 (1878) 700828
We use an automated call screening service. If you’re asked to, please state your name, then press #.

To check prices and make your booking, click on the availability/booking calendar at the day you want your holiday to start (any date coloured green and underlined). Next, pull down the Holiday Length menu to see prices for the lengths of stay available (3 days to 3 weeks) and enter the number of adults, children and infants (children before their second birthday).

Prices are seasonal, with automatic discounts, as shewn, for longer stays, booking nine months or more ahead, and for last-minute bookings. There may, occasionally, be Special Offers for you to consider.

Isle of Eriskay : Eriskay Pony on the skylineWhilst making your booking, you can also order fuel for the sitting room stove (charges are shown), or request loan of a cot, high chair or baby bath (which are free of charge, though subject to availability).

You may bring one or two well-behaved dogs with you, without additional charge. Please enter, in the Comments section of the booking form, the number, breeds and ages of your dogs, and any other information about them which may be relevant.  If you want to bring more than two dogs, or pets other than dogs, please get in touch with us before booking.

A 25% deposit secures your booking. At present we take payment only by bank transfer, either in £ GBP or € Euros : for the latter see Payments in Euros below.

When we’ve received the full amount of the Booking Deposit, you will receive a Booking Confirmation email, which also gives details of the amount and date for payment of the balance, which should be paid by the same means as used for the booking deposit.

The balance, together with a £150 Breakages Deposit, is due eight weeks before the start of your booking. Bookings made eight weeks or less ahead of arrival date are paid for in one installment only.

If you’re not yet sure who will be coming with you, or whether you’ll want solid fuel for the stove, or cot and high-chair, you can request changes later by email. You can even change dates, though of course that would be subject to availability (and possibly a price change).

If you encounter any difficulty booking or paying online, or have a question, call us or email (see above for details) and we’ll sort things out!

Important Information

Your statutory rights are unaffected by our terms and conditions >

Email addresses: The email address you give us should be one that you check frequently. We strongly recommend that you do not give us an email address that you do not have complete control over (rarely the case with a corporate work address!). If you’ve not booked with us before, our emails may initially end up in your junk/spam folder, and you’ll need to be able to recover them from there. Depending on your internet service provider, our emails may appear to come from our booking engine provider – but please ensure your replies to us always go to! Card payment emails will come from WorldPay.

Fuel for solid-fuel stove : The stove is designed for eco-logs – solid fuel made from waste and recycled timber.  They are thermally efficient, controllable, consistent in quality, affordable, environmentally sustainable, and – above all – very warming. (The stove is not to be used with other fuels.) Each pack of eco-fuel includes everything you need for (typically) three evenings. You may prefer to purchase fuel yourself, and bring it with you.  See detailed information »

Payments in Euros : Guests from Eurozone countries will save transaction fees and conversion losses by paying in Euros from an account at a bank in their own country. To do so, select the payment option Bank Transfer (alt.) : Transferwise [€ Euro], and make a note of the details for use later. Wait for us to send to you an email with the amount due converted to € Euros. When you receive from us the amount due in Euros, please pay promptly using the details provided when booking. If you need any help with this, just email or phone us (see above for details). We calculate the Euro amount using the exchange rate stated by Transferwise – which is consistently one of the most favourable rates available : we do not charge a transaction fee. Any refunds made to you of Euros that you previously paid to us will follow the same procedure but in reverse.